Double Face Smart Dynamic LED Pedestal Light (Pair)

74714, 74715

Product Overview


LED 26 High Power LEDs Per Side - 12V
4 High Power LEDs Side Marker - 12V
Size Light Size: 4-1/2” (L) x 2-1/2" (W) x 4-1/2" (H)

Built-In Smart Chip to Sense Turn Signal
Turn Signal Function: Sequential Array Pattern
High Function: Full-Lit (Non-Sequential)
Universal Light Hole Design for Multi-Directional Mounting
(Can Be Installed As Up/down/Sideways)

Material Polycarbonate Lens and Chrome Die Cast Housing
Wire Connection 3 Wires (Hardwired)
Mounting  Universal 1 Stud or 2 Stud Mount
Mounting Hardware for Stud or Bracket Mount Included